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    But remember that if the policy is not available in standard packages and you should mostly buy it, your readers – if they read online – may not have access to it. In this case, their software or browser uses a replacement font, and there is no information on how this could change the entire representation. So unless your document is only read in print or PDF form, keep it simple and use only widely used fonts. For something that reads online, the default secure option is Arial for text body and Times New Roman for title. Or you can try Helvetica for Body and Century Schoolbook for titles. If you`re tired of Times New Roman, try Garamond for the text and contrast it with Frutiger or Futura for the headlines. The availability of the policy depends on your software and if you use a PC or a pimp, so for the full lists, you will find the list of will Harris` pairs of fonts and the 19 best Douglas Bonneville fonts in 19 combinations. refers, subject to the restrictions, rights and obligations set out in it, to the font software made available to you by a third party licensed for the subscription plan of the monotype library which, if used or accessed, produces written and typed drawings and ornaments. Font Software contains all copies of the font software to which your workstation is accessed or used, all bitmap renderings of font and typographical designs and ornaments created by or derived from the font software, associated files and associated documentation. The Font software is made available to you at Monotype`s sole discretion via the SkyFonts client software. However, readers` expectations influence legibility.

    Pass a 50-sided report to someone in a font without serif, and the unknown can quite touch a blow. Similarly, people do not expect them to read policies online. If you use one as a conscious style choice, go – make sure it`s justified. (By this we think you have a justification for this, not that it fits closely on either side of the site.) Think about the impression you want to give (and if you have any doubts about the effect a font can have, make a short video through these typographical posters). Consider the expected audience, your own brand identity and the surrounding color and design. Writings can have very different personalities. Helvetica, for example, is clean, crisp and neutral. Gill Sans has a sense of authority voice from the 1950s (the BBC uses it and is also very close to the now ubiquitous Keep Calm and Carry On Poster).

    Times New Roman has a certain feeling of “I didn`t think so, so I used the default type of Word font”. Police properties. When two fonts are printed in the same size, one is larger than the other. Larger x heights make a larger font appear. Differences in line thickness and character width also affect the perceived size of fonts.

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