Agreement Of Connection To The Grid

    The follow-up contract comes into effect as soon as it has been signed by the contracting parties and the customer has paid the connection taxes mentioned in the follow-up contract. The customer pays the connection fee specified in the contract after receiving an invoice from Fingrid. The public-private partnerships in power also require an interconnection, Grid Connection of Power Pooling Agreement. This type of contract defines the responsibilities and royalties for connecting electricity generated by an independent generator to the owner of the grid, usually a public body. The connection agreement is signed between the applicant, the holder of the shipping licence and the transfer licensee concerned. The standard terms of the connection agreement are established by the shipping licensee and transfer licensees and approved by the GNERC. Model Bilateral Liaison Agreement used by the UK National Grid Company (NGC) for customers wishing to connect to their transmission system. This model agreement covers the system login and usage code (CUSC) developed by NGC and submitted for approval to the UK Regulatory Authority (OFGEM). During the connection planning phase, the client develops detailed plans for their connection and provides them to Fingrid, along with other necessary technical data, for verification.

    Planning should begin in time for projects where the connection requires a customer-built transmission line. The information required by the client in the planning phase is a layout and a drawing at height, diagrams to a line, the realization of energy meters, a grounding system, coordinates, information about the transformer and the secondary line, information on relay protection and communication connection. To help the customer plan, Fingrid informs about the short-circuit current and the earth`s error flow as well as the basic requirements of the protection system. The client is responsible for the installation of its substation facilities and the indication of technical values. As a general rule, the plant must be connected to the Fingrid control shaft. If transmission capacity permits, small synchronous generators of less than 5 MW or converted plants of up to 30 MW can be connected to Fingrid`s 110 kV transmission line, provided that their short-circuit flow, which is powered to the main grid, does not exceed 1.2 times the plant`s nominal current. A switching station connection means a connection to a 400, 220 or 110 kV main switching station. If the planned connections are close to a circuit, they should be connected directly to the station and not to a transmission line.

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