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    Browse or download the text of the text of the Gateway Agreement: The full text of the agreement can be found on the WTO website. More information on the agreement and its application is also available on the WTO website in the Trade Topics category. 3. Members of developed countries provide technical assistance to members of developed countries who request it, under mutually agreed conditions. On this basis, members of developed countries establish technical assistance programmes that may include, among other things, staff training, assistance in the preparation of enforcement measures, access to sources of information on the customs assessment methodology and advice on the implementation of the provisions of this agreement. 1. Introduction 2. Transaction valuation method 3. Alternative evaluation methods 4. Implementation and operation 5. Dispute Administration and Settlement 6. Conclusions Annexes: Wto Assessment Agreement Uruguay Round Texts WTO Uruguay Round DECISIONS WTO/GATT Decisions World Customs Organization Assessment Databases World Customs Organization Guidelines: Measures to Combat Fraud Assessment WTO Report Assessment Summary OF WTO Records – Evaluation of the WTO website and official documents.

    whereas evaluation procedures should not be used to combat dumping; The agreement provides for a customs assessment system that bases customs value primarily on the transaction value of imported goods, i.e. on the price actually paid or payable for goods when they are sold for export to the importing country, with certain adjustments. Considering that the basis for assessing goods for customs purposes should, as far as possible, be the transactional value of the goods to be assessed; The above evaluation methods should be used in hierarchical order. The WTO agreement on the implementation of Article VII of the 1994 GATT or the so-called evaluation agreements is part of the Uruguay Round agreements. The agreement sets the rules for determining the value of goods for the imposition of customs duties and taxes applicable at the time of the importation of goods. Under the valuation agreement, transaction value is the primary value method, that is, the value that is based on the price actually paid or payable for the goods. All information that is confidential in nature or that is provided confidentially for customs purposes is treated strictly confidentially by the relevant authorities, which they cannot disclose without the express permission of the person or government transmitting this information, unless it can be disclosed in the context of legal proceedings. The WTO Agreement on Customs Assessment aims to establish a fair, uniform and neutral system for assessing goods for customs purposes.

    The specific and differentiated provisions (SDT) concern extensions of transposition times, reservations about maintaining a system of minimum values and technical assistance. They are contained in Article 20 and Appendix III of the agreement, which do not specifically concern LDCs. The World Trade Organization Sheri Rosenov is an advisor to the WTO, where she has specialized in customs assessment, trade facilitation and other customs issues. On behalf of the WTO, it has trained government officials and members of the trade community in more than seventy countries. Brief information on customs assessment relations in the “Rights Assessment” section of the WTO Guide to the WTO. Brian J. O`SheaBrian O`Shea is an experienced customs consultant working on the implementation of automated systems, including evaluation and evaluation applications, in South Africa and Europe. The agreement allows the legislation of importing countries to include customs assessment or exclude it from customs assessment: recognising that customs value should be based on simple and fair criteria, in accordance with trade practices, and that assessment procedures indiscriminately between sources of supply d

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